I’ve been a musician and songwriter for most of my life. I will put a pile of tunes here and also show you how to play some of my songs.

Elvis Saves by C.D. Hancock
Old Brown Dog by C.D. Hancock
Zombie Apocolypto by C.D. Hancock
Billy Buckingham’s studio version of ‘the Laundromat’ by C.D Hancock

She’s Leaving Me Forever Again

© cdhancock 02/22/22

She’s leaving me forever again

Won’t be my lover, won’t be my friend

I’m spinning round, end over end

She’s leaving me forever again.

Sometimes she goes rambling, Sometimes she stays home

She don’t seem to care, If I get left alone

She always says she’s sorry, But that don’t make it right

Angel in the morning, Devil at night


She hangs around, Till my money’s all been spent

Then she’s up and gone, I don’t know where she went

The same sad song, She’s walking out my door

Every now and then, She don’t love me anymore


I’m sitting at the bar, Drinking with my friends

Every time she leaves, This is how it ends

You tell me your story, I will tell you mine

How she’s leaving me forever one more time.


She’s Leaving Me Forever Again

Any three chords in the 1-4-5 pattern. I use C, F, G